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Your search for the best Charity fund raising organisation ends here.......A passionate team that strives for the betterment of our world in as many ways as possible. . .To Aid us in our quest contact us here

Our collaboration between individual, Members, Businesses, Organisations, Artists and Musicians Internationally

It's a privilege to acknowledge you and your members as part of the musicians I promote in South Africa. We here in South Africa would love to assist you country wide. Our progress will be internationally motivated. Our musical and sports festivals will be of high standard as our group have grown to be a strong team.
Just a short background to fill you in how far we are to assist you: "We are forming a collaboration to assist all our musicians and artist during events to have enough investments available for sponsorships during our musical and sports festivals. Since 2008 I the writer was asking for members to join me to register a trust within Winnersall Trading cc and Brightgirls Trading CC and called it 'Action research group/Aksie navorsings groep' but this process took too long. It is now with great pleasure to announce since our collaboration with MATO we have decided that we can reach out to a bigger group, we already had a few discussions how we want to operate and are now ready to know the way forward."

Its then great to know that we can work together as a team to bring the best out in the international market. Keep in contact to know when is our next meetings. Our program of events will also be forwarded to you for participation as we always need to support you and many artists. We are well aware that little has been done towards sponsorship and income for our musicians and artist and this we want to overcome. We do care for people, animals, sports and it is a privilege to have artist and musicians of Jazz, Rock, Gospel, Country, Classic and various musical sounds in our team.